At G.E.S we combine the latest technologies with our ambition to create a better world for all.

Tomorrow’s technology creating a better today…

The World is entering a period of uncertainty, where climate change can no longer be denied. Where governments have failed, we at G.E.S are keen to bridge the gap, and revitalise the era of renewable energy, so that mankind can enjoy a brighter today and a beautiful world tomorrow.

Meet Some of The Team

Laura Fairbank


Ted Olsen

Head of Special Projects

Carl Inman

Director of Operations

Global Energy Solutions

Wind Turbines on Water
Family Walking On the Beach
Energy Efficiency Consultation

Other Sources of Power

At G.E.S, we have never considered stopping at using only renewables. By studying the innermost workings of the universe, we are confident of harnessing even greater sources of energy, as our power needs grow into the future.


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