Solar Power

No green power energy portfolio would be complete without solar power. G.E.S have been at the forefront of this technology for over forty years, having developed the concept of solar farms, and solar generating plants throughout the world. The complex at Longyangxia in China is to date our largest solar farm, capable of generating over 850 megawatts on sunny days. Our focus remains on developing new sites for solar farms, and also creating an array of solar orbiting satellites that can absorb the sun’s rays, and then beam it to Earth in the form of microwaves. Teaming up with ESA, the European Space Agency, we are helping to develop this amazing new technology, with the first satellite ready for launch by August next year. There will be a total of fifteen Icarus satellites positioned at Lagrange points, orbiting the Sun. Each will be capable of generating enormous amounts of energy, which will then be beamed as microwaves to facilities at strategic locations on Earth, and then used in the generation of electricity. Solar power will be harnessed in ways unimaginable even ten or fifteen years ago.